EU will inquire into irregularities in OOXML voting process

I’m usually not the guy to send letters or e-mails to state my disapproval of something. However, the ISO-approval of OOXML as a standard was not something I could just sit idly by and watch from a distance. So, as a million other people (or at least a couple of hundred) must have done lately, I wrote a letter to the EU board of competition, stating what has been going on and asked what they are going to do about it. To my surprise, they actually mailed me back :


Subject: Regarding the ISO-vote on OOXML

Dear Mr Peytz,

I can confirm that in the course of pending investigation of the interoperability issues with Microsoft Office the Commision also inquires about possible irregularities in the OOXML standardization process.

With best regards,

Per Hellström

Head of Unit


I know, I know, it isn’t much. But at least it’s nice to know that a vote which would make Zimbabwean elections look like the poster-child for democracy will not go unnoticed by the EU.

Moral of the story : Letters and mails help, yes the probability of my letter being the proverbial drop that made the glass overflow is probably close to nill (most likely the EU has been keeping tabs on this whole process from the beginning); still, writing letters and mails to your officials is one of the few ways you can help them get a quick overview of a situation.

So to all of you just dying for a future Neelie Kroes pin-up, make yourselves heard, mail your official.

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