A new day, a new anime desktop-theme

The other day I got a bit bored and decided to try and spice up my desktop a bit. I love linux, and I love anime, so I figured I’d try and combine it in a theme. I’d been trying to find a good premade theme on deviantart.com and gnome-look.org, but no cigar (1440×900 is a horrible resolution to find fitting wallpapers to, mark my words). In the end I had to break out Gimp and throw something together myself.

The Gnome-theme is Slickness Black.

The wallpaper is something I scissored together from various sources (deviantart and google image-search), I didn’t ‘paint’ any of it myself, so kudos go out to whoever made Firefox-tan, Ubuntu-tan and the background.

I tried, for once, to make something that looks snazzy even without compiz-fusion or some funky dock-application, and I think it turned out pretty well. Nevertheless I’ll probably look into trying to integrate compiz-fusion and awn into the theme.

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