Ripping on Microsoft – Fun and educational

So, I wanted to learn how to use Cinelerra, a free open source non-linear video-editing program (, and what better way to learn than by doing? Triple Baka OS, a little music-video, is what came out of it. It’s little more than a slideshow most of the time, as it was mostly an excersise in syncing images and audio-lyrics in a relevant fashion, fear not, there’s sweet compiz-fusion action towards the end. A 1080p-version is also available on Youtube.

Linux, check.

Ripping on Microsoft, check.

Hatsune Miku, check.

Yes I know it’s bad taste to rip on the opposition to further your own agenda, this was all about having fun and learning something new.

Disclaimer: Non of the resources in the video are my own, I’ve tried crediting the major resources at the end of the video, so that’ll have to do. I doubt Hatsune Miku is going to DMCA me ^^


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